Shipment of orders is intended to be convenience for customers.  We only charge what it costs us to ship.  We make no money on any orders shipped in to help cut costs to you as a customer.

We are primarily a “Custom Order” operation, but we do, however, have a variety of inventory products in different levels of completion, including ready to ship.

We can ship to any place in the country including Alaska and Hawaii.

Orders are packaged into banded and wrapped units of lumber, ready for shipment.  Order completion requires anywhere from 2-8 weeks to complete and ship.  The shipment timing is due to the size and complexity of the order and whether or not it is hewn or stained.

We ship both full and partial semi –loads via flatbed truck.  All of these loads are shipped with a tarp protecting against inclement weather during the trip.

We can also ship a smaller order using a gooseneck trailer for smaller loads.


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