General Costs

Pricing and Product information can be obtained by contacting us directly or if there is one of our distributors in the area, they can be contacted.    Our office number is 509-991-0764, our email address is

Most of our products are sold by the linear foot.  I have  “conversion to square footage”  factors for each siding product and I also have conversion factors to board footage.  I can convert all linear foot prices to board prices if you desire.

In general our siding products are available for approximately $1.45 to $6.80 per square foot.  If I have a distributor in your area, I can direct you to a person that works in that distributorship.  The distributors I have chosen are usually the premier lumber yard within your working circle.  If I do not have a distributor in your area, I can sell directly to you.

Freight is not included with the prices listed above.  The freight charged varies depending on the quantity ordered and the method of shipment.

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