WEATHER-TITE LOG SIDING PRODUCTS, INC. (509-991-0764) produces solid wood siding from carefully selected blued Ponderosa Pine logs. Our complete line of log siding products is unmatched in quality, durability and aesthetics. We also offer a full line of trim boards in various dimensions to compliment our log siding. We also offer a full line of trim boards, log and timber corners, in various, etc.

You can now own a “Log Home” at a more attractive price, without sacrificing warmth and eye appeal. All of our siding products are easily installed onto the interior or exterior walls of a standard well insulated stick frame home.

We offer several finished surfaces on our products including, ROUGH SAWN (Circle Saw Kerf), HAND HEWN using Adze and Axe, DRAW KNIFE on our Natural Round log siding, and PLANED SMOOTH. All of our wood products are carefully kiln dried to produce a stable, dry product.

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